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Strategic Supply Chain Council

This Council includes senior retail executives responsible for global supply chain, transportation, and logistics.  The SSCC provides guidance and technical expertise on issues affecting retailers’ management and security of their international supply chains, with a focus on public policy, supply chain management and best practices.  The Council meets two times a year and confers periodically by conference call.

Membership is limited to NRF's retail members.  For more information on joining this committee, please contact Michael Epstein.

Upcoming Events

Strategic Supply Chain Council - Monthly Update Call
2nd Tuesday of each month
For more information, please contact Michael Epstein.

Resources & Documents

Committee Memos

Committee List

Winter 2011 Strategic Supply Chain Council Meeting Materials

Winter 2010 Strategic Supply Chain Council Meeting Materials

Retail Trade Issues - Monthly newsletter on international trade issues

NRF Written Statement to House Subcommittee on Transportation & Infrastructure on Vessel Capacity

NRF Comments on Transportation of Lithium Batteries

NRF Hours of Service Comments

CSTC Rep Nadler Dear Colleague Opposition Letter

FAAAA Shipper Coalition Letter to Mayors Bloomberg and Booker

2009 Customs Reauthorization Bill Text

2009 Customs Reauthorization Bill One Page Summary

2009 Customs Reauthorization Bill Section-by-Section Summary

NRF Federal Freight Policy - Draft Issue Brief

Importer Security Filing - NRF Final Draft Comments

Uzbek Cotton - Traceability Webinar 4 Retailers & Brands

Safe and Efficient Transportation Act of 2009 Bill Text

Safe and Efficient Transportation Act of 2009 Bill Summary

Customs & Border Protection - Importer Security Filing (10+2)

CBP Powerpoint Presentation

NRF Conference Call - Dec. 15, 2008 MP3 Audio - 10MB

ITAC-Supply Chain Web Forum
(The ITAC-Supply Chain Web Forum is available to all members of the Committee. To gain initial access, please contact Michael Epstein.)