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BIGresearch report showcases trends in tablet retail

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The rapid rate at which tablets and smartphones have been adopted in the past 12 to 24 months has left retailers scrambling to understand more about these consumers. Thanks to our research partner, BIGresearch, we’re pleased to share with members select results from its semi-annual Simultaneous Media Usage survey, conducted in late 2010 across 24,754 consumers. members can download the full data results – including cuts by demographic factors (age, gender, and household income) and by type of user (all adults, smartphone owners, tablet owners) – from the site. The data is too extensive to cover in a single blog post, but read on below for a few highlights about tablet owners specifically, who report that they:

  • Often start online searches in response to traditional media. Traditional media – newspapers, magazines and face-to-face communication – are the leading triggers for two out of five tablet and smartphone users to start an online search.
  • Actively seek shopping input from others… One third of tablet users report that they “regularly” seek advice from others before buying products or services – compared with one quarter of smartphone owners and not quite a fifth of all adults.
  • …And are more likely to search online for products and services. The rich experience of the tablet likely enable 43% of tablet owners to regularly search for product information and comparison shop, versus a little over a quarter of all adults. Over a third of tablet and smartphone owners report “regularly” searching online specifically for clothing and shoes, compared to one quarter of all adults.
  • Avidly use social media, though less so for shopping. Almost two-thirds of tablet and smartphone owners say they regularly use Facebook. That said, social media triggers just one quarter of tablet and smartphone owners to start an online search. But once a search is completed, one third of these consumers turn to social media to communicate with others about that service, product or brand.
  • Are open to video content. With all the focus on investing in video content online, retailers may take heart that almost one third “regularly” watch the video commercial that often plays before other video content. Again, this may have a lot to do with the experience that the tablet affords – still, it’s almost twice the number of smartphone owners who say they watch video commercials regularly.