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An iBulb?

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About the same time that the iPad mini was basking in the spotlight, Apple flipped the switch on another new product.

Made by Philips, the “hue” bulb plugs into a normal screw light socket and a control box plugs into the user’s broadband connection. The bulbs can then be controlled via iPhone or iPad to affect colors and dimming.

The hue bulb contains a Wi-Fi chip that connects to the user’s Wi-Fi network and can be controlled using an app. Each bulb contains 11 LEDs in three different colors: royal blue, red/orange and lime. The lights can combine to create up to 16 million colors.

Since the bulbs are controlled via a mobile device it’s possible to flip the switch remotely -- switching lights on and off when the user is not home. It’s also possible to create light settings based on favorite photos or to choose from expert light “recipes” to help users relax or concentrate in certain light grades.

Philips hue is available only from Apple stores and The price tag for one bulb: $59.95.