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Human Resources

The Perfect Union of Fashion and Math

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I've worn a few caps since my time at my current company, Marc Jacobs International, but my technical title is Inventory Planner for Marc by Marc Jacobs Ready-to-Wear. I started out as a Retail Allocator and was brought on board after spending a year doing allocations at Burberry to implement an allocation system to Marc Jacobs and really work with the buyers on the stores' inventory needs globally.

Allocation at its core is taking a bulk buy of inventory placed at market six months before product arrives and based on current selling, sales trends, and general climate, distributing merchandise strategically across doors. The biggest impacts come through affecting depth and breadth and really knowing where the needs are and what the customer wants at the moment. In my new role as inventory planner for MMJ RTW, I am moving into a wholesale position where I will work on a greater scale to project inventory supply, working with merchandising and production, to meet the demand set by Business Planning. One of the most exciting parts of my job is working with interesting technologies that help the company run more efficiently. Right now we are working to implement a system called AX2012 which will basically mesh all of our departments together, ie. finance with operations with sales with planning, etc. so we can look at things as one in real time. Currently, different departments work very independently and primarily off line in Excel which can make it difficult to get an accurate picture of what is going on to make smart business decisions.

I love what I do because it really suits my personality and it's the perfect union of two of my loves, fashion and product on one hand, and math on the other. It may sound silly but I really do love math! I see the analytics that I do in allocation and planning as an entrepreneurial endeavor; sometimes its like a little game of chess, figuring out what goes where! I don't think I could work with numbers if I didn't really love the brand and industry behind them.

Kerry McCarthy
Inventory Planner
Marc by Marc Jacobs Ready-to-Wear