2023 Retail Law Summit Sponsorship

March 7-9th, 2023

Webinar series | 6 Sponsorships available - $20,000

Target attendance 700+

The Retail Law Summit will include attendees from NRF’s General Counsels Forum, Lawyers Committee, Privacy Professionals Task Force, Privacy Working Group, Employment Law and Benefits Committee, ADA Task Force, Patent Troll Legislative Committee, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group, COVID-19 Workforce, Food Safety Task Force, International Trade Advisory Committee, Strategic Supply Chain Council, Food Supply Chain Committee, Sustainability Council and Product Safety Committee.

Benefits include:

  • Sponsor has the opportunity to work with NRF to present a topic with a retail client and a senior level executive from sponsor organization. Topic and speakers must be pre-approved by NRF. Retail speaker required.
  • Webinar will be open at no cost to all attendees.
  • Topics we welcome include workforce, cyber, privacy, AI, the metaverse, litigation and employment/labor.
  • Webinar will be available on demand in webinar platform for 30 days post-event.
  • Post-event NRF can provide sponsor with an mp4 video of their webinar recording if requested.

Promotion on Zoom webinar platform:

  • Logo recognition on the registration page, title slide, and safety slide (notice webinar will be starting shortly). Logo recognition will also be on the frame of the zoom call screen for duration of the webinar (sponsor’s specific webinar/session).

  • Sponsor may provide a link to landing page of their choice which NRF will redirect attendees to at the conclusion of the webinar.

  • Sponsor may provide a 15-second video to be played at the start of the webinar. Video must be pre-approved by NRF. Sponsor must own the rights to all the creative elements in the video such as music.  Video should be submitted by the session recording date.

  • Sponsor name recognition on the webinar reminder email update for registered attendees.

  • One-time post-show email list access to opt-in attendees for the overall NRF Retail Law Summit Webinar Series.

  • Logo recognition recognizing our sponsors on marketing pieces sent to attendees and potential attendees via NRF outreach (subject to timing and/or availability).