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Global trade

Trade Matters

How international trade impacts American retailers and families
Public Policy
PIN and Chip credit card

Why the new bank-issued chip and signature cards, also known as EMV cards, are not as safe as they could be. 

Small Business
How retailers in the Bluegrass State are successfully balancing work, life and family.
SOASTA's Tammy Everts shares tips to improve site performance.
Public Policy
Entering PIN for card payment

The card industry has known for a quarter-century that PINs are safer than signatures. Isn’t it time to put consumer protection ahead of profits?

Public Policy
These goals for reform will make efficient and effective changes without harming the value of patents.
Public Policy
New union "ambush" election rules could take effect this month.

Press Release

National Retail Federation Announces Creation of the Retail Research and Analysis Center

May 06, 2015
The Park at CityCenterDC
11th St & New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
United States
Public Policy
Retail and restaurant managers argue that the proposed changes could have negative implications for managers, employees...

The State of Retailing Online 2015: Key Metrics, Initiatives and Mobile Benchmarks

A study conducted by Forrester Research.

Press Release

Three NRF Events Make Trade Show News Network’s Prestigious Top 250 Trade Show List, Again

Public Policy
Global trade benefits

Trade policies that bring America into the 21st Century do more than keep the United States competitive in the global marketplace. They support the research and development, distribution, transportation, merchandising and host of other careers supported by imports and exports.

Public Policy

Proposed Overtime Regulations’ Impact on Retail and Restaurant Managers

NRF report shows changes to overtime rules will have negative impact on retail managers, customers.

Press Release

J.C. Penney Testifies on Need for Patent Reform Legislation

Patent trolls impact every segment of the U.S. economy.

Press Release

ARTS Announces Additions to Standard RFP Library for Payments, Video Analytics