The Spirit of Sam Taylor Award

The Spirit of Sam Taylor award was created in memory of former long-time NRF member and CEO of Oriental Trading Company, Sam Taylor. 

This award is designed to recognize retail industry leaders in our community who exhibit Sam-like traits of being:
    Positive: Optimistic and hopeful at all times, even when faced with trying circumstances
    Helpful: Always there to lend a helping hand to those in need    
    Innovative: Always interested in taking the industry to new places 

The 2018 Spirit of Sam Taylor Award Winner was Peter Cobb, co-founder of eBags. See a clip of his acceptance message below.

The Spirit of Sam Taylor Award 2019 

If you are a member of the NRF Digital Council, NRF Digital Advisory Board, NRF Marketing Executives Council, or Board Emeritus and interested in nominating a member of the retail industry for the award, please fill out the form below. Nominations close Friday, April 26, 2019. We look forward to reviewing your nomination.