Innovation Advisory Committee

The Innovation Advisory Committee consists of venture capitalists, tech incubators and accelerators, retail strategists and academics who advise NRF on engagement strategies to strengthen connections between the venture, technology, and retail communities.

Committee Members

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  • Bain Capital Ventures – Scott Friend, Partner
  • Bright Pixel Capital – Miguel Cabral Bagulho, Investment Director
  • Commerce Ventures – Matt Nichols, General Partner
  • Data Collective Venture Capital – Bill Purcell, Equity Partner
  • DNX Ventures – Richard Koo, Principal 
  • Fashion Tech Consortium – Michael Reidbord, President
  • FirstMark Capital – Beth Ferreira, Managing Director
  • Forrester – Sucharita Kodali, Vice President and Principal Analyst
  • igniteXL Ventures – Claire Chang, Founding Partner
  • Imaginary Ventures – Logan Langberg, Partner
  • Interlace Ventures – Vincent Diallo, Managing Partner
  • LFX Venture Partners – Janie Yu, Partner
  • Lyra Ventures – Debra Langley, Venture Partner
  • New York Fashion Tech Lab – Jackie Trebilcock, Managing Director 
  • NewRoad Capital Partners – Josh Jewett, Operating Partner
  • Plug and Play Ventures – Miranda An, Investor
  • Retail Innovation Club – Oren Paran, Managing Director
  • RevTech Ventures – David Matthews, Managing Director
  • Triangle Capital – Richard Kestenbaum, Partner

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