NCCR Food Safety Task Force

This task force is comprised of designated representatives from NCCR chain restaurant companies, typically senior quality assurance and food safety executives. The Task Force provides a forum for members to network and share food safety and technical information of common interest for mutual benefit. The Task Force also develops positions and statements for NCCR on food safety for adoption or approval by the NCCR Board of Directors. Membership is open to appropriate NCCR member executive.

For more information, please contact Shawna Purvis.


Chain restaurants say biofuel levels for 2019 require 'reset' of Renewable Fuel Standard program
NCCR called on the EPA to completely review the Renewable Fuel Standard program.
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Renewable Fuel Standard
The ethanol mandate costs restaurants $3.2 billion a year, driving up costs for consumers.
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Chain restaurants say E15 ethanol would harm consumers
Chain Restaurants Say E15 Ethanol Would Harm Consumers
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