Women in Loss Prevention Network

Advance your career and extend your professional network by joining the NRF Women In Loss Prevention (members-only) Network today. Members receive free access to exclusive benefits, including:

  • Invitations to DEI content at NRF events where you can learn skills for career advancement
  • A special invitation to the annual NRF Women in Loss Prevention Network Luncheon at NRF PROTECT
  • Year-round access to our new and improved online platform exclusively for retail members to engage and connect with peers and get answers to their most pressing questions about the industry

As a member of the network, you can learn new skills and connect with more than 200 retail loss prevention professionals who are passionate about their careers - just like you.

How to get involved

To join the NRF Women in LP Network or learn more about NRF’s loss prevention-related resources, connect with the team at membershipinfo@nrf.com.

The NRF Women in LP Network is open to anyone in the retail loss prevention community working within NRF retail member companies.

Women working together