Sarah Rand

VP, Brand & Marketing Strategies

Sarah Rand is the vice president of brand and marketing strategies at the National Retail Federation. She is responsible for developing strategy to elevate NRF’s brands, broaden awareness, and strategically and competitively position the organization, communicating the unique value proposition NRF and its programs provide the retail industry to create and empower advocates, recruit and engage members, and grow audiences. Through NRF’s blog, podcast, social media and other digital mediums, Rand and her team tell retail’s story to the industry, partners, influencers and beyond.

Rand began her career at NRF in the member services department where she was responsible for membership’s online presence and managing the online bookstore. She then joined the internet strategies team at NRF to provide strategic direction and digital support. This team refocused the organization’s digital efforts and developed a comprehensive online strategy including the launch of a number of new websites, NRF’s first mobile app and social media initiatives. Rand next served as vice president of digital communications, where she developed and managed NRF’s digital communications strategy. She oversaw all aspects of NRF web properties, social media, digital advertising, e-communications and interactive applications.

A native of California, Rand double majored in business administration and world perspectives at Principia College and spent one term abroad in Japan. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business and a master’s degree in international conflict from Kingston University in London.