Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D)

Delegate - District of Columbia
Capitol Address:
2136 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-5101
Fax: 202-225-3002
Phone: 202-225-8050
District Address:
90 K St NE Ste 100
Washington, DC 20002
Fax: 202-408-9048
Phone: 202-408-9041
Vote Record Bill Name Bill Description Approved Position
114th Congress - All H.R. 748 Will protect health insurance coverage for 181 million Americans that would have been potentially subject to a 40% excise tax on the excess value of employer-sponsored coverage. Read our Key Vote letter here. NRF POSITION: SUPPORT
114th Congress - All H.R. 1869 Corrects a drafting error in the TCJA of 2017 to allow retail and restaurant owners to reinvest in their businesses as Congress intended. NRF POSITION: SUPPORT  
114th Congress - All H.R. 3587 a bill to clarify the application of the net operating loss deduction – changes effective date for NOL deductions for taxpayers that have tax years that do not align with the calendar year, providing taxpayers with access to tax refunds that are owed to them which are necessary to finance daily business operations. NRF POSITION: SUPPORT
114th Congress - All H.R. 1452 Tariffs are taxes paid by U.S. consumers, not other governments. This bill reasserts Congress’ authority over trade and tariff policy by providing an exclusion process for tariffs proposed by the Administration. NRF POSITION: SUPPORT
114th Congress - All H.R. 3477 Requires the President to submit for approval of Congress future tariffs or duties imposed for national security reasons. NRF POSITION: SUPPORT
114th Congress - All H.R. 2474 Strips away workers’ free choice in union elections and their privacy rights, interferes with employers’ ability to secure legal advice on complex labor matters, expands joint employer liability, prohibits the use of arbitration for employment matters, and strips away “secondary boycott” protections among other provisions. NRF POSITION: OPPOSE  
114th Congress - All H.R. 2782 Provides flexibility for workers and employers by establishing 40 hours per week as the definition of full-time for purposes of the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act. NRF POSITION: SUPPORT 
114th Congress - All H.R. 1374 The average age of a commercial truck driver is 55, leading to driver shortages that is harming commerce and economic growth for the retail and restaurant community. This legislation will allow more people to pursue a career in the transportation industry. NRF POSITION: SUPPORT
Legend: = supports NRF's position; = opposes NRF's position; = absent; blank = no data;