Senator Ladda Tammy Duckworth (D)

Senator - Illinois
Capitol Address:
524 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-2854
District Address:
230 S Dearborn St Ste 3900
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: 312-886-3506
Vote Record Bill Name Bill Description Approved Position
114th Congress - All HR 7 Retailers believe that employees should be compensated equitably and without discrimination. However, this legislation will significantly limit legitimate, non-discriminatory pay differences and provide for unlimited compensatory and punitive damages in certain instances. H.R. 7 limits employers’ flexibility to compensate its employees based on a wide variety of factors, including differences based on geography, expertise, and management responsibilities. Unfortunately, this legislation creates additional uncertainty and opportunities for frivolous litigation. Click here to read NRF's Key Vote Letter. NRF POSITION: OPPOSE
114th Congress - All H.R. 3684 H.R. 3684 would address the decades of underinvestment in the nation’s freight infrastructure — particularly segments such as highways that rely on public funding. The inclusion of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act and the Surface Transportation Investment Act, as well as funding for new service and repairs for freight rail, is critical for the transport of goods and delivery to consumers. In addition, funding for the deployment and improved access of broadband is vital as digital goods and services are intrinsically woven into the future of retail. Other provisions, include the truck driver apprentice pilot program, port modernization to address massive congestion issues, and a focus on sustainability efforts. Read the Key Vote Letter here. NRF POSITION: SUPPORT
114th Congress - All SCONRES 14 NRF is strongly opposed to raising the corporate tax rate to offset the costs of the recently released $3.5 trillion budget resolution. Raising the corporate rate to 28 percent would once again make the U.S. corporate tax rate among the highest in the industrialized world, which is a disincentive to investment in the United States and would impose further harm to a U.S. economy that continues to struggle recovering from the pandemic. Retailers are high effective taxpayers and utilize few of the tax incentives or credits in the Internal Revenue Code. If retailers have to pay a higher rate, it would result in a loss of jobs, closing of stores, and inability to invest in expanded e-commerce capability needed to compete in the post-pandemic marketplace. A recent EY study confirms the negative impacts to the economy, finding that a 28 percent corporate rate would lead to the loss of 750,000 to 850,000 jobs and declines in GDP and wages. Read NRF's Key Vote letter here. NRF POSITION: OPPOSE
114th Congress - All S. 420 Strips away workers’ free choice in union elections and their privacy rights, interferes with employers’ ability to secure legal advice on complex labor matters, expands joint employer liability, prohibits the use of arbitration for employment matters, and strips away “secondary boycott” protections among other provisions. NRF Position: OPPOSE
Legend: = supports NRF's position; = opposes NRF's position; = absent; blank = no data;