Scorecard, 112th Congress (2011-2012)

Legend: = supports NRF's position; = opposes NRF's position; = absent; blank = no data;
Name H.R. 6079 H.R. 3080 H.R. 3079 H.R. 3078 H.R. 2587 H.Res. 9 H.R. 2
Aderholt, Robert B. (R-Alabama-4)
Amash, Justin A. (L-Michigan-3)
Amodei, Mark E. (R-Nevada-2)
Bishop, Rob (R-Utah-1)
Bishop, Sanford D. (D-Georgia-2)
Blumenauer, Earl (D-Oregon-3)
Bonamici, Suzanne (D-Oregon-1)
Brady, Kevin P. (R-Texas-8)
Brooks, Morris J. (R-Alabama-5)
Bucshon, Larry D. (R-Indiana-8)
Burgess, Michael C. (R-Texas-26)
Butterfield, George Kenneth (D-North Carolina-1)
Carson, André D. (D-Indiana-7)
Carter, John R. (R-Texas-31)
Chabot, Steve (R-Ohio-1)
Cicilline, David N. (D-Rhode Island-1)
Clay, William Lacy (D-Missouri-1)
Cleaver, Emanuel (D-Missouri-5)
Clyburn, James E. (D-South Carolina-6)
Cohen, Steve (D-Tennessee-9)
Cole, Thomas J. (R-Oklahoma-4)
Conaway, Kenneth Michael (R-Texas-11)
Connolly, Gerald (D-Virginia-11)
Cooper, Jim (D-Tennessee-5)
Courtney, Joseph (D-Connecticut-2)
Crawford, Eric A. (R-Arkansas-1)
Cuellar, Henry R. (D-Texas-28)
Davis, Daniel K. (D-Illinois-7)
Davis, Susan A. (D-California-53)
DeFazio, Peter A. (D-Oregon-4)
DeGette, Diana (D-Colorado-1)
DeLauro, Rosa L. (D-Connecticut-3)
DesJarlais, Scott (R-Tennessee-4)
Duncan, Jeffrey D. (R-South Carolina-3)
Fleischmann, Charles (R-Tennessee-3)
Flores, William H. (R-Texas-17)
Fortenberry, Jeff (R-Nebraska-1)
Foxx, Virginia A. (R-North Carolina-5)
Fudge, Marcia L. (D-Ohio-11)
Gohmert, Louie (R-Texas-1)
Granger, Kay (R-Texas-12)
Graves, Samuel B. (R-Missouri-6)
Green, Al (D-Texas-9)
Griffith, H. Morgan (R-Virginia-9)
Guthrie, Brett (R-Kentucky-2)
Harris, Andrew P. (R-Maryland-1)
Hartzler, Vicky J. (R-Missouri-4)
Herrera Beutler, Jaime (R-Washington-3)
Himes, Jim (D-Connecticut-4)
Hoyer, Steny H. (D-Maryland-5)
Huizenga, William P. (R-Michigan-2)
Jackson Lee, Sheila (D-Texas-18)
Johnson, Bill (R-Ohio-6)
Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D-Texas-3)
Johnson, Hank (D-Georgia-4)
Jordan, Jim (R-Ohio-4)
Kaptur, Marcy (D-Ohio-9)
Kind, Ron (D-Wisconsin-3)
Lamborn, Douglas L. (R-Colorado-5)
Langevin, James R. (D-Rhode Island-2)
Larsen, Rick (D-Washington-2)
Larson, John B. (D-Connecticut-1)
Latta, Robert E. (R-Ohio-5)
Lewis, John (D-Georgia-5)
Lipinski, Daniel (D-Illinois-3)
Loebsack, David W. (D-Iowa-2)
Long, William (R-Missouri-7)
Lucas, Frank D. (R-Oklahoma-3)
Lujan, Ben Ray (D-New Mexico-3)
Marchant, Kenny E. (R-Texas-24)
McCaul, Michael T. (R-Texas-1)
McClintock, Thomas M. (R-California-4)
McCollum, Betty (D-Minnesota-4)
McHenry, Patrick T. (R-North Carolina-1)
McKinley, David (R-West Virginia-1)
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy A. (R-Washington-5)
Moore, Gwen S. (D-Wisconsin-4)
Olson, Peter G. (R-Texas-22)
Palazzo, Steven M. (R-Mississippi-4)
Pallone, Frank J. (D-New Jersey-6)
Perlmutter, Edwin G. (D-Colorado-7)
Peterson, Collin C. (D-Minnesota-7)
Pingree, Chellie (D-Maine-1)
Price, David E. (D-North Carolina-4)
Quigley, Michael (D-Illinois-5)
Richmond, Cedric L. (D-Louisiana-2)
Roby, Martha (R-Alabama-2)
Roe, Phil (R-Tennessee-1)
Rogers, Harold (R-Kentucky-5)
Rogers, Michael D. (R-Alabama-3)
Ruppersberger, Charles A. (D-Maryland-2)
Rush, Bobby L. (D-Illinois-1)
Sarbanes, John P. (D-Maryland-3)
Scalise, Stephen J. (R-Louisiana-1)
Schakowsky, Jan (D-Illinois-9)
Schrader, Kurt (D-Oregon-5)
Scott, David A. (D-Georgia-13)
Scott, James Austin (R-Georgia-8)
Scott, Robert C. (D-Virginia-3)
Sensenbrenner, Frank James (R-Wisconsin-5)
Sewell, Terrycina A. (D-Alabama-7)
Simpson, Michael K. (R-Idaho-2)
Smith, Adam (D-Washington-9)
Smith, Adrian M. (R-Nebraska-3)
Smith, Christopher H. (R-New Jersey-4)
Stivers, Steven E. (R-Ohio-15)
Thompson, Bennie G. (D-Mississippi-2)
Thornberry, William M. (R-Texas-13)
Tipton, Scott R. (R-Colorado-3)
Upton, Frederick S. (R-Michigan-6)
Visclosky, Peter J. (D-Indiana-1)
Walberg, Timothy L. (R-Michigan-7)
Walden, Gregory P. (R-Oregon-2)
Welch, Peter F. (D-Vermont-1)
Wilson, Addison G. (R-South Carolina-2)
Wittman, Robert J. (R-Virginia-1)
Womack, Stephen A. (R-Arkansas-3)
Woodall, William Robert (R-Georgia-7)
Yarmuth, John A. (D-Kentucky-3)
Young, Donald E. (R-Alaska-1)

H.R. 6079 On Passage: H R 6079 To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act 2010 (7/11/2012)

A bill to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. back to top...

H.R. 3080 On Passage: H R 3080 To implement the United States-Korea Trade Agreement (10/12/2011)

Legislation to implement a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Korea. back to top...

H.R. 3079 On Passage: H R 3079 To implement the United States-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (10/12/2011)

Legislation to implement a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Panama. back to top...

H.R. 3078 On Passage: H R 3078 To implement the United States-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (10/12/2011)

Legislation to implement a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Columbia. back to top...

H.R. 2587 On Passage: H R 2587 Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act (9/15/2011)

Legislation would prohibit the National Labor Relations Board from having the power to interfere in an employer's decisions regarding employment locations or operations. back to top...

H.Res. 9 On Agreeing to the Resolution: H RES 9 Instructing certain committees to report legislation replacing the job-killing health care law (1/20/2011)

H. Res. 9 would direct the House committees with jurisdiction over health care to report legislation to replace The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 with legislation that lowers the cost of medical care and improves the quality of our health care system. back to top...

H.R. 2 On Passage: H R 2 Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act (1/19/2011)

Legislation that would repeal The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. back to top...