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Health Care Reform

Health Mandate Cost Calculator

Health Care Reform (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 - PPACA) is now the law of the land. One key issue affecting all employers - but especially the retail and restaurant industries - is the employer mandate, seen here as employer mandate penalties for failure to offer or an offer of unaffordable coverage.

These financial penalties apply to employers with more than 50 full-time or full-time-equivalent employees who either do not offer coverage to full time employees (and one full-time employee receives a tax subsidy) or offers coverage to full-time employees and the cost exceeds a threshold of a full-time employee's income and the employee receives a tax subsidy. The employer mandate penalties begin in 2014.

Sounds complicated?

The National Retail Federation has created a special Health Mandate Cost Calculator to help you better understand your potential mandate penalty exposure. Your actual status could change in a given month in response to a surge in part-time hours or as your business grows. You should review your health plans and changing obligations under the law with competent benefit advisers. NRF provides this Health Mandate Cost Calculator as a service to its members and the public to provide general information and it is not nor is it intended to provide legal advice.

Follow the “Get Started” link to review your potential mandate penalty liabilities.