5 chances to push into the future of retail

NRF NXT convenes digital retailers to prepare for tomorrow’s consumer

After a year of unprecedented disruption, only one thing is certain: Retail is changing. From customer preferences and expectations to the payment ecosystem to last-mile delivery, the retail industry has shown it can evolve and adapt. So, what’s next?

With the retail experience poised to change even more in the next few years, this year’s NRF NXT will bring together all levels of digital retailers to talk about how retailers are improving the customer journey and preparing for the consumer of the future.

Tune in every Wednesday in September for this free, curated webinar series featuring boundary-pushing content from innovative and provocative thinkers who will talk about the future of the retail industry, what’s new and what the new normal will be.

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Learn more about the latest innovations within the retail industry.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Supply chain testing ground: The future of last mile delivery

Take a fast lap through the future of last mile delivery with two logistics experts. Nate Faust is the founder of sustainable logistics startup Olive, which is on a mission to reduce waste and improve the experience of shopping online. Anne Goodchild leads the University of Washington's academic and research efforts in supply chain, logistics and freight transportation and heads up the Urban Freight Lab, the goal of which is to address the challenges of urban delivery, in particular the “final 50 feet.”

The future looks brightest from space with Jared Isaacman

Jared Isaacman started his first company, Shift4 Payments, at just 15 years old. He founded a startup defense aerospace business that he later sold to one of the world’s leading investment firms, The Blackstone Group. And he holds the world record for circumnavigating the earth in a light jet — 61 hours. Now he has turned his sights to the latest space race, purchasing the first civilian space mission to orbit the earth on a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule and raising over $200 million for St. Jude Children's Research Center in the process. Get ready to get inspired by this entrepreneur, philanthropist and accomplished civilian pilot.

The future of flagship stores in this new era of retail

In the face of increasing new digital demands from consumers and the expectation of great experience in physical stores, how should brands and retailers position their global flagship stores to give consumers the best of both ecommerce and offline when they are in stores? Industry experts from GDR Creative Intelligence, Google, LEGO Group and Satalia will discuss the flagship store models of the future, what technologies to prioritize in store formats, and how to create experiences that work.

The top 5 things retail marketers need to know about Connected TV

Connected TV has been a game changer for brands looking to reach their audiences, drive measurable conversions and boost revenue. As the world’s first and only CTV advertising platform, MNTN is optimized for direct-response goals. MNTN executives will share key insights, highlight CTV features and demonstrate the benefits for retailers.

Artificial intelligence for commerce – Separating the hype from the hip

When it comes to AI and machine learning in retail, there is no bigger name than Amazon. The retailer was one of the first to use the technology to offer up product recommendations. Dive deep into everything AI-related with Amazon Web Services’ Joanne Joliet and Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg, chief commerce strategy officer at Publicis Groupe. Learn how retailers of all sizes and in all industries can use the technology to keep their shelves stocked, personalize the shopping experience and even write effective marketing copy.

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