5 ways to vote retail this November

Stay informed on candidates and issues and get involved on Election Day

On Tuesday, November 8, voters across the United States will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for congressional elections, along with gubernatorial and other state and local elections. As retail represents 52 million U.S. jobs – and an overall GDP impact of $3.9 trillion – it’s important to make sure the industry’s voice is represented in Washington.

We need lawmakers who will promote policy solutions that will positively impact the retail industry. NRF supports candidates who will support pro-growth, pro-business and pro-retail policies. Here are five ways you can vote retail this November.

Register to vote

September 20, 2022, is National Voter Registration Day. This nonpartisan holiday was established in 2012 to celebrate American democracy and our inherent civic duty to vote. Currently, one in four eligible Americans are not registered to vote – equivalent to the same number of U.S. jobs supported by the retail industry.

Vote retail

Learn more about how you can make a difference by casting your vote this November.

Every election cycle, thousands of Americans miss the opportunity to vote because they miss voter registration deadlines, forget to update their registration or simply don’t know how to register.

During this year’s National Voter Registration Day, volunteers across the country will work to educate and raise awareness on the importance of registering to vote. Don’t miss the opportunity to vote: Click here to register to vote – it only takes five minutes!

Know the candidates

The best way to vote retail this fall is to stay informed. See which candidates are on the ballot in your area and check the voting records of incumbents to see how they voted on key legislation that impacts retailers.

NRF’s Heroes of Main Street and Champions of Main Street awards recognize lawmakers for their commitment to supporting policies and programs that ensure the economic health and viability of the retail industry. These public servants understand the impact of the retail industry on the U.S. economy and support federal policies that help create jobs and opportunity for retail businesses.

Know the issues

Learn more about retail’s key issues and educate yourself on which candidates most closely align with NRF’s policy agenda focused on the economy, jobs, innovation and consumer value.

In 2022, NRF’s advocacy team worked with members of Congress to win bipartisan support for key legislation that helps retailers thrive, including preservation of the corporate tax rate and passage of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act and the Postal Service Reform Act. NRF is continuing to work with Congress and the administration to lower inflation now through tariff relief and immigration reform.

Know your rights

While federal law does not require employers to provide time off to vote, many individual states and retail corporations do allow time off for employees to visit their polling precinct. Retailers across the country have recognized the importance of voting and are encouraging employees to make time to vote in November.

Many employers in the retail and restaurant industry are providing paid time off to vote. Check out a comprehensive list of states with election day work-leave policies.

Time off map

Get involved

You can help out at your local precinct. Poll workers are essential to making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to vote, and communities across the country are always in need of poll workers on Election Day.

Many states offer monetary stipends for volunteering to work at local precincts. Find out what is required and how you can sign up to work your local election here.

Your voice matters. Whether you vote via absentee ballot, early in-person or on Election Day, remember to vote retail. See more about NRF’s voting insights here.

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