Addressing “the new normal” in LP and security

Experts at NRF Retail Converge will tackle a number of issues that have arisen in light of COVID-19

Every sector of the retail industry has undergone a massive transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and loss prevention and asset recovery are no exception.

Today, these teams are dealing with much broader security issues than tracking down and recovering stolen merchandise. They’re trying to navigate new threats such as fraud, cyber attacks, civil unrest, workplace violence and organized retail crime.

The loss prevention track at the upcoming NRF Retail Converge is specifically designed to showcase retail experts’ insight on how they’ve tackled these new and increasing threats against the backdrop of the pandemic.

Loss prevention

Learn more about loss prevention and retail security to keep businesses safe.

“Loss prevention practitioners have likely never been more challenged or more appreciated than in the past 12-to-15 months,” says Jill Dvorak, vice president of content and retail strategy at NRF. “In a segment of retail which is rife with ever-evolving episodes, our goal is to share common struggles, strategies and solutions.”

Several NRF Retail Converge sessions are specifically aimed at LP and security professionals.

Securing the store when unrest mounts

Protests and demonstrations swept through the United States throughout the summer and fall of 2020. While most of the protests were peaceful, some used the demonstrations as an opportunity to vandalize and destroy property and disrupt business. Experts in “Civil unrest: Predicting the triggers and delineating a response” will explore how retailers have adjusted their security plans to take into account and plan for potentially volatile events.

Handling workplace violence in the age of COVID-19

Workplace violence has become a real and persistent concern for retail businesses during COVID-19, particularly in light of masking and social distancing requirements. “Workplace violence reaching uncharted levels” will dive deep into these issues and offer tactics and best practices from industry experts on how to combat this rising threat. 

Spotting scams before they happen

Cyber criminals are constantly inventing new ways and technologies to defraud and steal from retailers. But one cyber threats that continues to be a favorite among criminals is phishing attacks. Ian Hartman, director of area loss prevention at PSEB LLC, will be part of a panel on experts exploring how to stop these scams before it’s too late during “Phoning it in: Phishing scams bite retailers.”

Fighting ever-evolving ORC threats

The pandemic has slowed down many aspects of the economy and everyday life, but it hasn’t slowed down criminals. In fact, crime rings are taking advantage of the pandemic and finding new opportunities to engage in organized retail crime. During “The quest to rein in ORC,” a panel of experts including Scott Draher, vice president of asset protection and safety at Lowe’s, John Goldyn, senior director of loss prevention at Ulta Beauty, and Kevin Stone, ORC manager at Columbia Sportswear Company, will discuss why ORC is on the rise and what can be done to counter the trend.

Prioritizing loss prevention when the budget isn’t there

 Even the smallest retailer knows loss prevention is a critical business component. But not every business has the resources to invest in the latest surveillance technology, inventory management tools, staff training or other loss-prevention approaches. LP professionals including Shaun Gilfoy, director of regional security for Levi Strauss America, will talk about their own experiences and how they got the job done in “Managing LP on a shoestring budget.” 

Focused cybersecurity content

In addition to the LP/AP/Security track, NRF Retail Converge will feature a Cybersecurity/Data Privacy track, which includes curated content presented in partnership with Card Not Present. The Cybersecurity/Data Privacy sessions cover everything from assessing the threat landscape to understanding fraud.

“While homebound consumers shopped online in record numbers in 2020, bad actors used the disruption and the explosive growth in online transactions to hide their increasingly sophisticated crimes,” says D.J. Murphy, editor-in-chief of Security Portfolio at Reed Exhibitions, who is speaking at NRF Retail Converge.

“Many new online sellers weren’t ready for the onslaught of fraud that awaited them. What is the best antifraud technology to use? How do you manage, analyze and respond to fraud chargebacks? Why are you seeing more claims that customers haven’t received their goods? Get the answers from experienced online merchants who have weathered these challenges in the past and are sharing information right now to help with evolving threats.”

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