Back-to-school spotlight: Hispanic shoppers

VP, Industry and Consumer Insights

As the first week of August approaches, retailers are focusing their promotions and expanding their offerings to capture the $27.5 billion families are expected to spend on new clothes, electronics, shoes and other supplies for their kids this back-to-school season. And with one in four kids belonging to Hispanic families, the U.S. Hispanic consumer is a critical driver of how families shop and spend. NRF’s latest back-to-school shopping survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, found that U.S. Hispanic parents are expected to spend $148 more during back-to-school than the average shopper; they also outspend other families on items like clothes and toys during the rest of the year. To help retailers understand who these Hispanic moms and dads are and how they approach shopping for their kids, the NRF research team dug into the latest data on the back-to-school season.