Brands offer help for beauty DIY-ers

While many are endeavoring to clarify what’s most important in this season, some consumers are going straight back to their, ahem, roots.

With salons and barbershops closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, those who typically hire a professional for hair color may choose to go it alone. The good news? All sorts of advice is available for those wanting guidance.

L’Oreal’s Color&Co personalized hair color sent out email messaging with a reminder to stay home — and the promise that “we’ve got you covered (and your roots too).” The brand already had the basics down: Color&Co, introduced last year, was designed to create a “truly personalized experience” for at-home color, complete with free live video consultation from an independent, licensed professional colorist, without any commitment to buy. The colorist can chat about hair type and color goals.

It’s the model for the times (and, perhaps, an opportunity for those bored at home to keep from doing something a bit more drastic, like picking up a pair of shears).

In the same vein, Allure published a piece in late March about hair colorists creating at-home dye kits for quarantined clients. At least one New York colorist, Rachel Bodt, is holding virtual sessions with customers to stay connected. "Most of us are in our sweatshirts and sweatpants, and hair can be a tipping point that sends you over the edge,” Bodt told the magazine. “It's like, 'And my hair is a mess!' Everyone is looking for something to help them feel good, and beauty is such a gateway for that."

Kristin Ess — social media influencer, celebrity hairstylist, colorist and founder of — noted on Instagram that her in-box was “poppin’” with questions about at-home glossing. She scheduled a video session to break down how she uses her Signature Gloss to boost vibrancy and shine between coloring appointments. With that, however, came one other pro tip: She strongly encouraged those using bleach and permanent color to wait for their colorist if at all possible.

Self-isolation won’t be permanent, after all. But some independent it-seemed-good-at-the-time decisions may well be.

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