Chipotle inspires a new makeup kit from e.l.f Cosmetics

Shakespeare’s comments about misery making for strange bedfellows could not have envisioned a day when Chipotle Mexican Grill inspired a new makeup kit from e.l.f. Cosmetics. But these two brands are aligned in their commitment to responsibly sourced products and a decidedly Generation Z skew.

The pairing included a makeup bag that paid homage to Chipotle’s foil-wrapped burritos. Those lucky enough to score one of the bags — which sold out in hours — also found hot jalapeno eye shadow, red vixen lipstick, a fiery blush and brown sugar exfoliator.

And with everyone staying at home, Chipotle created a reason to get dressed up — even if there was no place to go. It hosted a Virtual Prom Afterparty, following the Teen Vogue virtual prom, which Chipotle also sponsored. To complete the ensemble, Chipotle tapped DIY creator Sophie Parker to show promgoers how to create corsages and boutonnieres using Chipotle’s burrito foil.

The promo had a few wins: A powerful alliance between two popular brands, acknowledgement of a pandemic-related milestone loss, and a fun, memory-making idea. It’s a creative alignment that seems tailor-made for 2020.

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