Convenience at the door

Described by its co-founders as “the fastest-growing convenience delivery service in the country,” goPuff has grown over the last four years from selling about 100 convenience foods from a small warehouse in Philadelphia to more than 30 5,000-square-foot warehouses in major cities across the United States with more than 2,000 products and almost 400 employees.

The inventory ranges from snacks, frozen foods, wine, beer and soft drinks to over-the-counter products, household goods and some fresh items such as milk, eggs and ice cream. No produce or fresh meats and seafood are sold.

GoPuff uses independent contractors to deliver products on-demand. Co-founder and co-CEO Yakir Gola says management can monitor drivers every step of the way, from where they are to how long it takes to make deliveries.

The company has evolved from its original target market of millennials and now serves people of all ages who want convenience, Gola says. “People are using goPuff for many things today, so the business has really evolved.”

Pricing is competitive with what convenience stores charge in their local markets. In goPuff’s mature markets, service is 24/7; Gola says the goal is to be 24/7 everywhere as soon as possible. All of the company’s marketing is digital, though Gola attributes much of its growth to word of mouth from satisfied consumers. “We’ve built this business around our customers,” Gola says, “and providing what is best for them.”

Co-founders and co-CEOS:
Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev
Markets served: 31

Liz Parks is a Union City, N.J.-based writer with extensive experience reporting on retail, pharmacy and
technology issues.