From customers to community: How a niche brand built loyalty

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Bobby Farahi’s rebelliousness shines through when he talks about Dolls Kill, the alternative fashion brand he co-founded with his wife, former DJ Shoddy Lynn. As CEO, Farahi has succeeded in creating a cult brand with fans so loyal that they camped out for the company’s first store opening five years after establishing its online personality. The secret? Social media, a physical presence and building a community.

Farahi joined Retail Gets Real to share the company’s success story and tips for how to build customer loyalty. You might call the Dolls Kill voice a little “not safe for work,” but Farahi was kind enough to keep the episode G-rated for our listeners. Retail Minded Founder Nicole Reyhle co-hosts this episode from NRF’s ecommerce conference.

Bobby Farahi (center) records a podcast episode with co-hosts Nicole Reyhle (right) and Bill Thorne (left).

Bobby Farahi (center) records a podcast episode with co-hosts Nicole Reyhle (right) and Bill Thorne (left).

Starting in a small San Francisco apartment and growing to an award-winning brand, the news of Dolls Kill has spread largely through social media. Instagram and Snapchat are the biggest doorways to the company’s Gen Z and Millennial customer base — the platforms help tell the brand story in an open, authentic way. “Every employee inside Dolls Kill has a voice,” Farahi says — “Warehouse Wednesdays” on Snapchat has made one employee “a star” by sharing supply chain details with the Dolls Kill audience directly from the warehouse.

As for opening a physical store, Farahi first assumed it would be a good customer acquisition tool for strangers to discover the brand. Soon he realized how much appeal a physical location has for existing ecommerce customers: “They really do want to experience a brand that they connect with in a different way,” he says.

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