Goodlife Clothing follows the data to build an authentic brand

Retail Gets Real episode 275: Co-CEO Andrew Codispoti on building and expanding an omnichannel business

The impacts of COVID-19 on consumers provided many retailers with new data and opportunities to meet more precise needs and grow a more sustainable business. Goodlife Clothing, established first as a wholesale brand, focused on building a brand that consumers could identify and trust. The brand used lessons learned and the community it built through selling through Nordstrom and direct to consumers online to build an even stronger omnichannel presence that is growing as it opens more bricks-and-mortar stores throughout the country.

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Co-CEO Andrew Codispoti joins this episode of Retail Gets Real to discuss the omnichannel business and how the company grew. Goodlife expanded into physical retail during a time when non-essential bricks-and-mortar retail was halted, and Codispoti says the brand found success in building trust in online channels first.

“The biggest lessons are to do as much as you possibly can in-house,” he says. “People need to own their data, follow the data and as quickly as possible gain in-house expertise, so they have the DNA of your brand and really speak in your authentic voice.”

In building the store experience, Codispoti encourages a data-driven approach. “Just like in online, just like in DTC, you have to follow the data,” he said. As Goodlife refined its physical spaces, it noticed stores bringing in new customers, and customers with a greater lifetime value, for about equal the true cost of acquisition online. “In our first few locations, we realized about 85 percent of the customers are still new customers that are walking in these stores. So it's a phenomenal acquisition channel,” Codispoti said. 

Tune into the episode to learn more about the Goodlife brand and lessons in building an omnichannel business for success.

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