How Domino’s delivers on innovation

Retail Gets Real episode 312: Domino’s Christopher Thomas-Moore on taking risks to improve the customer experience
Sheryll Poe
NRF Contributor
June 28, 2023

This episode originally aired August 24, 2022.

The Domino’s “mind-ordering app” developed in partnership with the Netflix show “Stranger Things” was emblematic of the company’s innovative mindset, says Domino’s Chief Digital Officer Christopher Thomas-Moore on this week’s episode of Retail Gets Real. “It’s fun. We will push the envelope and things like that because it’s just something that no one else has done.”

Many of the company’s recent innovations are rooted in the pandemic when quick-service food companies like Domino’s had to pivot within days to a contactless delivery model.

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“You look back and it’s like, ‘How did we do that?’” Thomas-Moore says. “But I think it was through the supportive leadership and the way that we are structured, that we were able to move really quickly to address for us, what was most important, which was those customer pain points.”

Digital offerings remain a strong part of Domino’s plan for success. “Over the past few years, this relationship with digital is one that has grown greatly. For us as a brand that has had a strong legacy in digital, it’s been really important for us to continue our focus there and continue to grow in what we’re offering our customers and store team members from a digital experience standpoint.”

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about Thomas-Moore’s career path from call center to senior vice president, how Domino’s leads when it comes to innovation, and his best advice for students interested in retail.

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