How Shopify consolidates the ecommerce experience

Helping local retailers get online faster and more efficiently

Canadian global commerce platform Shopify helps over 1 million merchants in over 175 countries in all aspects of building their brand and business. The operating system began as a platform to help small entrepreneurs sell online and has since expanded to assist a variety of merchants including large bricks-and-mortar retailers to expand their reach in the ecommerce marketplace.

As consumers shifted to online shopping earlier this year, the platform saw a 71 percent increase in new stores created in Q2 compared to Q1 2020. It also saw an emergence of local ecommerce over the last six months as interest grew in supporting small businesses.

In this episode of Retail Gets Real, Ian Black, director of retail, shares how the Shopify team is utilizing omnichannel to help retailers and brands tell their stories and connect with customers.

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