A look at the Easter consumer

Retail Gets Real episode 213: As vaccinations pick up, people are planning gatherings and celebrations

NRF's annual Easter consumer survey shows Americans will spend $21.6 billion during this year’s holiday as progress continues on vaccinating millions across the country. We examine the data and take a closer look at what's driving holiday spending with Katherine Cullen, NRF’s senior director of industry and consumer insights.

“The consumer was in a good place before the pandemic and we're starting to get back there,” Cullen said. "As the economy gets back on track, we're seeing vaccinations really pick up. Our latest survey from March shows that 21 percent of consumers have gotten at least one shot. That goes up to about half among those over the age of 65. So, progress is being made.”

As confidence in the vaccine grows, consumers are beginning to plan vacations, family gatherings or Easter celebrations. Consumers in the South say they are more likely to celebrate Easter activities outside while Midwest consumers say they will likely plan a meal for the holiday this year.

Consumers also plan to continue shopping locally, with one in five planning to purchase Easter items from a local business. As people got used to dressing casually while working from home during quarantine, Easter fashions are also following a comfort trend this year.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about NRF's Easter consumer data survey.

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