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Loss Prevention

Sharing tips and tactics for an unpredictable day in the life of a LP field manager

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The saying goes that 'two heads are better than one.' And often times when faced with an over-flowing inbox, a jam-packed schedule and an lengthy task list, it sure seems like that would be true. For delegates at one of today's sessions at LP '12, it was a case of bringing not two, but about 125 heads together and hearing about different tactics and tips for managing an unpredictable day in the life of a LP professional.

Sitting around dozens of roundtables, delegates were given an imaginary schedule for a fictional LP field manager faced with an inbox full of emails letting him know about a store break-in, an employee theft case, a request for research data for a monthly shrink report and rescheduled employee interviews - among many other things.

Each table then worked together to identify how they would tackle this guy's day, focusing on different ways in which the imaginary schedule could be approached. While some groups focused on prioritization, others talked about ways our LP field manager could use technology or more delegation to get his job done.

Listening to feedback from other tables, delegates nodded in agreement and scribbled down new ideas based on how other people described their approach to tackling these all too familiar day-to-day challenges.

Discussions were had about how individual teams or managers handle different tasks, and listening to their peers describe different ways of working, everyone agreed this was a valuable opportunity to share tactics and tips and learn from their fellow LP professionals.