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Goosebumps, giggles and gadgets: Mike Gatti's top 5 Super Bowl commercials

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Whether you live and breathe football or were only in it for the free free buffalo wings and pizza your friends were offering, there's a lot to be said about the "other" entertainment factor of the Super Bowl - the commercials.

Even before the kick-off or coin toss, the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association found 25.8 percent of people planned to tune in strictly for the commercials. To dish out his own thoughts on the winners of last night's mega-expensive, ultra-territorial Super Bowl commercial showdown, RAMA's Executive Director Mike Gatti, in his third annual "Top 5 Commercials" blog post, puts a few things into perspective. Check out his top picks below.

The winner, according to Gatti, is Kia's "A Dream Car. For Real Life."  Here, Mister Sandman is shown accidentally dumping an entire bucket of sweet dreams onto a man, bringing to life a mix of rock stars, UFC champions like Chuck Liddell and race cars, with a surprise ending with his real-life "dream-girl."


Number two goes to Bud Light, which at first glance is just another beer commercial with (surprise) another dog serving (surprise) women and other partygoers a cold bottle of beer. However, upon further investigation, the dog, Weego, in "Rescue Dog", is actually a real rescue dog named Nugget. This ad easily wins the "awwww" award for the most influential cause marketing campaign of the entire night. Bud Light scores major points for their use of this crafty, cute and talented pup. Check out the campaign to help rescue dogs here,


Mike's other top picks include:

Doritos - "Man's Best Friend" reminds us of last year's immensely successful and witty commercial showing a man taunting a dog with Doritos, only for the dog to get the last laugh. This year, in this laugh-out-loud advertisement, dog wins again. Poor kitty.

Chrysler's "Half-Time in America" draws out the raw emotion of pure American pride. The unmistakable Clint Eastwood reminds us "...this country cannot be knocked down in one's half-time America, and our second half is about to begin." Thirty seconds to goosebumps, not an easy thing to do.

Best Buy's "Innovators" brings together the people who in only a few short years have completely revolutionized how people get their music, entertain themselves, take pictures with their phone and even have conversations with an automated assistant.  In a message to current and potential smartphone owners, Best Buy reminds us they have it all.

The success of a Super Bowl commercial, as Gatti points out, lies in the connection that is made between the brand and the viewer. "People who make movies have an hour or two to tell you a story," he said. "These advertisers and these brands have 30 to 60 seconds to tell the entire story - to make you cry or to make you laugh. They have to grab your attention, relate to you and get you to have an opinion in very short matter of time."

There are plenty of other commercials that Gatti names as winners, but those are the top five. What did you think? In case you missed the ads, Advertising Age neatly compiled all the commercials from last night. Check them out here.  We'd love to hear who you thought were the winners and losers last night.