NRF policy update: The issues impacting retail

Retail Gets Real episode 247: NRF SVP of Government Relations David French outlines the critical issues in Washington impacting retail

On this episode of Retail Gets Real, we visit Washington, virtually, to talk about policy issues impacting our industry. David French, NRF’s senior vice president of government relations, discusses the latest news and connects the dots between Capitol Hill and retail.

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Learn more about how NRF is advocating for the retail industry everyday.

One of the most important and difficult issues facing the industry right now is the supply chain complications we’ve been seeing across the country. NRF recently helped pass the largest infrastructure package since the Eisenhower administration with massive investments in roads, ports and rail systems, and modernization of many of the systems retailers depend on.

NRF is working hard for the remainder of this year on more important issues including the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, proposed tax increases in the Build Back Better plan, a debt ceiling increase, the National Defense bill and more.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about the policies impacting retailers and how NRF is advocating on behalf of the industry.

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