NRF’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group brings retailers together

The group collaborates on best practices for achieving diversity

NRF’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group collaborates on best practices for achieving and celebrating diversity, inclusion and equity within the retail industry. We connected with Leon Buck, vice president, government relations banking and financial services at NRF, to learn more about the group’s impact and goals for the year ahead.

Diversity and inclusion

Learn more about how retailers are celebrating diversity and inclusion in their workplaces here.

What is the D&I Working Group?

NRF’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group serves as a platform for NRF members to further the discussion on diversity and inclusion in the retail community. The group is made up of dozens of retail executives in human resources, legal departments and corporate leadership roles whose responsibilities include incorporating diversity and inclusion within the fabric of their company cultures.

How does this working group impact NRF members and their organizations?

NRF hosts monthly conference calls exclusively for the working group. NRF member companies are able to exchange ideas and best practices on issues that seek to enhance diversity in the retail corporate workplace. NRF also conducts benchmarking calls and surveys in collaboration with the working group members and the NRF research team.

What is a recent best practice the group discussed that retailers can implement with their organizations?

At recent meetings, we’ve had interactive discussions on retail industry best practices and strategies for ensuring diversity in hiring, promotion, retention and recruitment. The group has also shared ideas on how how to combat retail racism in America and its long-term effects on customers and business.

What are the top reasons NRF members should join the D&I Working Group?

It is essential for NRF retail members to join the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group to share best practices on how to achieve and celebrate diversity, inclusion and equity in the retail corporate workplace. The retail industry has taken the lead in ensuring that the corporate environment reflects America and will continue to move the ball forward well into the future.

If you are an NRF retail member and are interested in joining this working group, please fill out the NRF Diversity & Inclusion Interest form here.

To find out if your company is a current member or to learn about membership benefits including access to the NRF Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, contact the team at

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