An open letter to retailers: Achieving tax reform in the 21st century

Write Congress

Tell your elected officials that now is the time to pass comprehensive tax reform.

As you know, the NRF has been fully engaged in a campaign to stop consideration of the border adjustment tax as part of comprehensive tax reform. Yesterday, Republican leaders in the House, Senate and administration announced their intentions to continue to work on comprehensive tax reform without moving to a consumption tax system. Most importantly, in a joint statement the leaders recognized the concerns with a border adjustment tax and have decided to set this policy aside to move forward on tax reform. 

This is great news for the retail industry, and it could not have been done without immense support and engagement from NRF members. The voices of retailers large and small from across the country to “Stop the BAT” were heard loud and clear. We firmly believe the time is now for swift action on a middle-class tax cut that will put more money in the wallets of the American taxpayer.

Thank you for all your visits to Washington, your calls and emails to lawmakers, and the many other efforts to help eliminate this existential threat to the retail industry. This effort was bolstered by the affected businesses and trade associations in the Americans for Affordable Products coalition, which flooded congressional offices with phone calls, emails, petitions and concerns voiced face-to-face at lawmakers’ town hall meetings across the country.

Our job is not done, however. We will continue to advocate for comprehensive tax reform that will help both retail and our customers, and we will focus our efforts on pursuing that goal. We could not have achieved this victory without your support — and we will continue to need your help in the months ahead to make tax reform a reality.