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NRF 2018

For more from NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show on January 14 – 16 in New York City, visit the official recap.

Few people are as tenacious as entrepreneurs. Sunday at NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show, a panel of self-starters shared their stories, from Michael Lastoria creating a culture of positivity and personal empowerment through an “anti-establishment establishment” at &pizza to a celebration of adults “playing like kids” at Museum of Ice Cream, co-founded by Manish Vora. The panel was moderated by Rachel Shechtman, founder and CEO of STORY.

&pizza, Lastoria said, promotes inclusivity and pride in the local neighborhoods its 30-plus shops serve; the organization regularly works with small, like-minded businesses in a program it calls “Little Giants.” Museum of Ice Cream, meanwhile, has resonated with consumers’ desire for authentic experiences — more than 500,000 people visited last year despite the company’s never having spent a dime on advertising and marketing.

Rounding out the panel were serial entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore and Dan Levitan, co-founder and partner of the consumer-facing venture firm Maveron. Kilgore has created one distinct brand after the next — first with the spa Bliss, then Soap and Glory, followed by FitFlop and most recently the model-disrupting Beauty Pie, a direct-to-consumer luxury line of cosmetics. And as an investor with a long track record of backing startups like zulily and eBay, Dan Levitan knows what it takes for a good startup to thrive.

Watch the video below to see what businesses Lastoria, Vora, Kilgore and Levitan admire as they look to the future of retail.

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Rock star entrepreneurs and the next generation of retail

For more stories from NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show, visit the official recap page.