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Loss Prevention

Rethinking loss prevention with 'NRF PROTECT'

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As we kick off our annual Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO in Fort Lauderdale this week, the energy in the convention center reminds me just how invested this community is in what they do. The passion and drive that these LP professionals demonstrate each and every day shines through in so many ways, including how they approach the biggest responsibility of protecting their most valuable assets – customers, employees and communities. 

As the head of conferences and events at NRF, it's my job to find ways to renew, reinvent and reimagine how we serve our communities through education. As we look to the future of retail loss prevention and what the industry needs to get the job done, we thought long and hard about how to better educate and serve our members. Today, NRF SVP of Communities Vicki Cantrell took the stage in front of thousands of LP executives and their business partners to announce NRF PROTECT 2015.

Read a sample of Cantrell’s remarks (as prepared for delivery) and watch the video below.

While we have been looking at our profession primarily through the lens of 'prevention,' we are truly in the 'protection' business.
Vicki Cantrell
NRF SVP, Communities

In “loss prevention,” we are responsible for protecting our organizations from anything that might harm our employees and customers, diminish our brand reputation or negatively impact our bottom line.

We have all grown up thinking about preventing loss. And while this description of our role is as true as it's ever been, it's not enough.

How we think about this profession is the key to our continued success and relevance.

Richard Branson isn't just in the airline business. Walt Disney wasn't just in the cartoon or theme park business. Steve Jobs wasn't just in the computer business. Jeff Bezos certainly isn't just in the book business.

And we aren't just in the loss prevention business.

We are the protectors of our colleagues, our customers, our inventory, our reputations and our organizations' success.

While we have been looking at our profession primarily through the lens of “prevention,” we are truly in the “protection” business – we protect our organizations from the risks, attacks and threats of today and the future.

Yes, prevention is one critically important way to protect your organization. But it's more than that.

We must play both offense and defense. We must prepare, plan, preserve, prevent and – most importantly – protect those we are entrusted to serve. By protecting our organizations, we keep them strong, and it is the strong who survive and thrive.

Looking at the world with this perspective allows us to lead across all of the important functions of the retail business – IT, HR, marketing and every area.

How do we fight active shooters? By protecting our customers. How do we fight organized crime? With organized protection.

We are stronger as a community that protects the people, the assets and the brand reputations under our care.

At NRF, we are investing heavily in your success and the success of this community. Welcome to NRF PROTECT…

NRF PROTECT is the National Retail Federation's rebranded, reimagined and reinvented event focusing on retail loss prevention, asset protection, safety and security.

NRF PROTECT isn’t just a new name for an event – it’s a new way of thinking. We want to honor all that loss prevention professionals have always done. But we also want to recognize the growing scope of responsibilities undertaken in recent years. Does your team have the right skills? How do you capitalize on the deep knowledge of loss prevention and expand your skills to handle the new threats?

With this in mind, we commit to providing new education, legislative might and broader resources to serve you in the coming year.

Again, welcome to NRF PROTECT.