Robert Jones: A champion for small business and advocacy

Originally founded as a toy store in 1959 by Robert Jones Sr., American Sale is a family-owned and -operated business with nine stores throughout the Chicago suburbs and Northwest Indiana. Nearly 60 years later, Bob Jones III carries on the family tradition by overseeing a massive selection of home recreation inventory and a family of customers more than 1 million strong. His focus is on more than ensuring the quality of the products in his stores, however; more than ever, Jones understands how important it is to be involved in advocacy.

His passion to address the most pressing public policy issues and priorities led Jones to co-chair NRF’s Small Business Retail Council. It’s this kind of desire to be a retail advocate that created NRF’s America’s Retail Champions program, which offers up to 50 small businesses that are active advocates for the retail industry a complimentary trip to Washington, D.C., and a unique opportunity to share their retail story face-to-face with members of Congress. Watch Bob’s story below and apply or nominate a small business owner like him that you think should be recognized for their contributions to advocacy during NRF’s Retail Advocates Summit.

American Sale, Illinois

Video of Retail is Small Business: American Sale American Sale, Illinois