Seeds planted for record-high Easter spending

A closer look at what’s driving the expected $24 billion in spending
Sr. Manager, Media Relations
March 27, 2023

It’s going to be an egg-citing Easter, with consumer spending for the holiday expected to reach a new high — $24 billion by the 81% of Americans who say they’re celebrating — according to the annual survey from NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Here’s a closer look at how consumers are making this springtime celebration memorable.

Decorations and flowers blossoming to new heights

Growth in flowers and decorations continues, with those purchases at a record high in 2023.

Easter shopping

Explore our Easter headquarters to see the latest insights into consumer shopping trends for the holiday.

Decorations have had a huge jump from 2019, when 41% of consumers said they were planning to purchase decorations for Easter. For 2023, fully half of people celebrating Easter said they would buy decorations.

Flowers are in bloom as well, as the percent of those planning to purchase Easter flowers has climbed from 38% in 2019 to 44% in 2023.

Men putting more into baskets

Digging deeper into the data on flowers: Half of men shopping for the holiday say they’ll buy flowers for the holiday — like a bouquet of daisies or daffodils, or the ever-appropriate Easter lily — compared with only 37% of women.

And it’s not only flowers that men are buying more of; they purchase more Easter-related items than women in most categories. And they also plan to spend more on average than women in every category. The difference is largest for gifts, where men plan to spend about $12 more than women.


It’s not only the Easter bunny who’s visiting

Over half (53%) of the youngest consumers who say they are celebrating Easter will be hopping down the bunny trail, going to see family or friends for the holiday. Whether it’s to visit home when they’ve been away at college or partaking in a fun theme for a Sunday brunch with friends, consumers ages 18 to 24 are more likely to say they’ll be with their peeps on Easter than any other group. It’s their top Easter plan, while cooking a holiday meal is the most popular activity for every other age group.

Not only is spending time with loved ones on the day itself the highest priority for these youngest consumers, they prep for the holiday with friends and family as well. This group is more likely than any other to say they are inspired to shop for Easter items because it’s a social activity with family or friends.


For more Easter trends and data, visit NRF’s Easter Headquarters for additional insights.

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