Shop Telemundo brings commerce to viewers

The interactive experience includes ShoppableTV

Viewers of Telemundo, a division of NBC Universal, now can combine shopping with their online viewing. In October, the company launched Shop Telemundo, an interactive shopping experience that spans the company’s television, digital, editorial and social platforms. It’s home to an online marketplace of more than 50 home, fashion, beauty and other retailers that offer everything from lamps to puppy toys to sunglasses.

Shop Telemundo’s target market, Hispanics in the United States, wield more than $1.5 trillion in buying power, says Romina Rosado, senior vice president of entertainment and content at NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises. “They’ve emerged as one of the most powerful and influential consumers in the U.S.,” she says.

Retail trends

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The launch of Shop Telemundo stems from the success that NBCUniversal’s suite of content and commerce tools have enjoyed since their launch earlier this year, Rosado says.

In addition, “our viewers are passionate deal-seekers, and they prefer connecting with brands through social networking sites,” Rosado says. She says they’re 27 percent more likely to purchase from brands with which they feel a connection.

“We are curating shoppable content specifically for them with inspiration from the shows and stars they love and trust.”

Pairing products with programs

A key feature of this experience is ShoppableTV, which combines television and commerce. While viewers are watching their favorite shows, a code will appear on the screen that they can scan with their smartphone to complete their purchase online.

ShoppableTV has been paired with everything from live sports programming to morning talk shows to unscripted reality programs. “That said, it's really about relevance — pairing the right product to the right program,” says Josh Feldman, executive vice president and head of marketing and advertising creative with NBCUniversal. The key, Feldman says, is to both add value to the viewing experience and to increase conversion.

“Our viewers are passionate about the content they watch,” he says, “and being able to blend that passion with products they love — that’s where the magic happens.”

Customer relationships

Shop Telemundo is powered by NBCUniversal’s content and commerce tools. NBCUniversal Checkout, for example, enables any business to set up shop at mass scale within NBCUniversal’s ecosystem. Orders completed through NBC Universal Checkout drop into the retailer’s ecommerce systems as if they’d been placed through their own websites. Retailers then can take ownership of the customer relationship going forward.

Moreover, a range of media, including articles, webpages and videos, can be transformed into a native shopping experience. When a viewer encounters a product, they can click on it to capture more information, add it to a shopping cart, pay and check out — all without leaving the NBCU site.

Shop Telemundo provides a new avenue for ecommerce that offers Hispanic consumers a solution to their buying needs “in a fun, interactive and entertaining way” they can enjoy at their convenience, Rosado says.

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