2018 highlights

Experience, insight and sharp instincts

Get inspired and spark new ideas with these excerpts from NRF’s most recent conference

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Great retail stories

Acclaimed radio personality and podcast creator, Guy Raz brings to life the journey and the success stories behind KIDBOX and Away.

A retailer's guide to blockchain

Blockchain, how it works and - most importantly - why it matters for our industry! PwC provides a primer including major areas of impact within retail, early winners and a short list of who to watch for what’s next.

Cashing in on strategic cross-industry collaborations

Successful and buzzy recent collaborations in retail involved brands successfully combining distinct points of view. The upside is obvious —but what might not be as second-nature is how brands identify their best industry crossover.

Millennials, gen Z and the future of mobile marketing

Snapchat and Essence deep dive on breaking through to Millennials and Gen Z. Hear actionable strategies for capitalizing on innovation in AR, camera marketing, and mobile storytelling to drive measurable ROI.