Small Business Spotlight: Mi Golondrina

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Cristina Lynch grew up with a close connection to her Mexican heritage, attributing her affinity for the culture to her native-born mother. Her fondest memories include exploring the vibrancy of artisan markets and dancing to mariachi music wearing embroidered blouses and long flowing dresses. Wanting to tell the stories of these traditions, she created clothing and home décor brand Mi Golondrina, enlisting artisans in small Mexican communities to handcraft and sew every item sold. This is Retail spoke with Lynch about her brand, clothing and the women who make it happen. 

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Each piece of clothing at Mi Golondrina begins in the small villages of Mexico, hand-stitched by local women. A dress takes up to a month to make and is touched by three groups of artisans before making it to the Dallas-based showroom. In total, there are more than 100 women embroidering in their homes in Mexico — most of them using traditional patterns that date back almost 200 years. “None of this is done in a factory,” Lynch explains. “It’s something these women can do at home while cooking or taking care of their children.” Although she describes her impact as small, it can change lives — a woman once told Lynch she could send her son to school thanks to her involvement with the brand. 

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As a young small business owner, Lynch refers to herself as a true entrepreneur at heart. Since working in sales at Oscar de la Renta, she’s paid close attention to detail-oriented service and the way her customers are treated — something she says is very important to her and her upbringing. Mi Golondrina shoppers receive a handwritten note with every purchase and often become friends with Lynch thanks to her personal touches. Her advice to young retail entrepreneurs is inspirational, yet practical: “Know who you are and what you are, but if something needs to change, change it.” 

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