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Nedza’s Waffles
Small Business

Small Business Spotlight: Nedza’s Waffles

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Many young and aspiring entrepreneurs have the passion to start a business, but it takes a lot to turn that passion into a reality. We spoke with Nedza’s Waffles founder Joe Nedza about his unique business idea and how he utilized his university environment to get it off the ground.  

While majoring in Business Management at the University of Georgia, Nedza didn’t wait for a diploma to start his own company. He says he “did anything and everything” to get Nedza’s Waffles up and running, operating on a pop-up basis at school events. The whimsical concept features part-waffle, part-ice cream creations, complete with toppings ranging from fruit and cereal to candy and sprinkles. Since the start of Nedza’s Waffles in 2016, the business has grown in the Atlanta and Athens, Ga., areas. 

During his final semester at the University of Georgia, Nedza competed in the UGA Idea Accelerator, a program to assist students in developing business ideas and ultimately compete for a $5,000 prize. “The week of the actual pitch, I didn’t even have a word prepared for my speech,” Nedza says, “and I somehow managed to pull it all together.” Since winning and eventually starting the business, he has become a well-known staple in his community and hopes to open a storefront by January. “It is going to blow people’s minds,” he says. 

What attracts customers to Nedza’s Waffles? Nedza says it’s the product. “It’s visually appealing, it’s delicious, it’s inexpensive, it’s massive and we provide a personal touch,” he says: As a special bonus to the sweet treat, a customized compliment is written on every sleeve around the waffle cone. Nedza has recently taken Nedza’s Waffles on the road with the launch of his Waffles Across America campaign. He and his team are serving up waffle combinations to happy (and full) patrons across the country. 


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