Small Business Spotlight: Soko Glam

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Dave Cho will be at in Los Angeles this month to tell the Soko Glam story and how it became a leading destination for all things K-Beauty by building a loyal following through authentic storytelling. Learn more and register.

The vision behind every product starts with a passion, and Charlotte Cho knows this all too well. Her brand Soko Glam was founded under personal principles and interests that she wanted to share with the world. We spoke with Cho about the early stages of her business and its transition into a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry.

When she finished college, Cho moved halfway around the world to South Korea and discovered a love for the country’s skin-first philosophy and the belief that taking care of one’s skin is an investment in overall well-being. This enlightenment led her and husband Dave to start Soko Glam in 2012, a skin care and cosmetics lifestyle brand that helps people discover Korean culture, beauty trends and cosmetics.

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Interacting with customers online for almost five years, the company began as a pureplay digital retailer; growing demand led the brand to open its first physical location in New York City. Products are displayed in five areas (cleanse, exfoliate, treat, sheet masks, moisturize and makeup) so shoppers can build a routine based on skin type and learn more about using the products. As a bonus, interactive video tutorials line the walls of the shop, taking the experience to a new level.

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Through a content-driven website, the brand’s editorial community The Klog and social media, Soko Glam customers have a constant connection with the products they’re buying and the stories behind them. According to Charlotte Cho, the company focuses on educating their community about their skin and “adopting a philosophy.” This type of dialogue is just one way the brand is transforming the beauty industry by not only selling products, but selling a lifestyle. 

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