Sustainability is getting better and better for business

Retail Gets Real episode 272: How retailers are refining sustainability initiatives to meet evolving consumer demand

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Every business decision has hidden human health, environmental and social impacts. More retailers are contributing less waste and toxicity, using better materials and sourcing from sustainable suppliers. These actions contribute to more sustainable supply chains, proving that business decisions can make a beneficial difference.

“The kind of innovation that is required to shift the world to the future we want is really best driven by business, which is an institution and understands what innovation is like,” said KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, CEO and founder of Sustainable Brands, a newsletter on sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Brands is creating market transformation through its Brands for Good initiative, which helps global brands transform their cultural awareness around sustainability to stay meaningful for the consumer.

Successfully embedding sustainable practices into a business requires teaching the consumer to consider the total value of a product, rather than just its price.

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Learn more about Sustainable Brands' Brands for Good initiative and its nine sustainable behaviors.

“Things that are built to last are built with a sense of design aesthetic, a sense of quality,” said Skrzyniarz. “It shifts the relationship between the consumer and their purchasing to one of more curation and treating oneself to something special, which people feel guilty because we have trained them as marketers to buy based on price.”

Tune into the episode to learn more about experiential retail and the environmental and social value proposition for sustainable business.

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