Sustainability standards take flight at KLM

The Dutch airline is encouraging consumers to ‘fly responsibly’

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, through its Fly Responsibly campaign, which launched in 2019, has been asking consumers whether they’d do better to travel by train instead. KLM calls the effort a commitment to “taking a leading role in creating a more sustainable future for aviation,” offering suggestions for individuals and an invitation to the broader industry, in addition to sharing its own initiatives.

Consumers feel increasingly guilty about flying, according to TrendWatching: “The Swedes even have a word for it: flygskam, which translates as ‘flight shame.’ No wonder we’re seeing moves to minimize the guilt.”

In terms of the industry, KLM encourages, for example, speeding up the process of biofuel production and incorporating opportunities for passengers to compensate for their share of a flight’s CO2 emissions. When booking a flight with KLM, passengers can neutralize their footprint by contributing to other sustainability efforts, such as reforestation efforts in Panama. More broadly, KLM also suggests passengers pack light, as less weight means reduced fuel consumption; choose eco-friendly lodgings; and even consider video calls rather than traveling at all.

Giving up the sale for greater good is certainly nothing new. But in these days of demands for transparency, it could well become more common.

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