TikTok made me buy it: Small business edition

How small business owners are utilizing the app to reach consumers

Since the start of the pandemic, TikTok has exploded on the social media scene. As of early 2021, 698 million people worldwide use the app monthly.

Small business owners have been flocking to the app to showcase their unique and often handmade products. Businesses selling everything from jewelry, makeup and self-care products to keychains, upcycled clothes and self-defense tools, have seen massive success following a viral video.

Some business owners, such as @CeoLiv or @KyloSquash, have reported a large increase in sales as a result of TikTok. They have been able to increase production, pay off bills, provide for their families and even help others by offering tips and consulting on how to start a small business.

Rather than making a simple video, many users will highlight different aspects of their business, including packing orders, the packaging they use or actively making the products.

A popular technique involves making videos while packing a specific order, which encourages potential customers to make a purchase in hopes they will be featured. Small businesses use popular sounds or hashtags (#SmallBusinessCheck currently has 8.5 billion views) to increase visibility or make the videos a more immersive experience by using stop motion or including a voiceover of an interesting story. Learn more about the new ways that retailers are reaching their customers by joining us this summer at NRF Retail Converge.


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