TikTok takes on social commerce

It’s the latest social media app to adopt in-app shopping
August 30, 2021

TikTok made me buy it” is taking on a whole new meaning with the video app’s new partnership with Shopify. The ecommerce platform has recognized TikTok’s untapped potential and is capitalizing on the app’s ability to make products and brands go viral.

Changing shopping behaviors

Learn more about how Gen Z and other shoppers are changing the way they purchase.

TikTok’s users have already watched countless influencers discuss their favorite products, from household items to makeup to clothing and more. The comment sections are usually filled with other users begging for links to purchase, but the app currently does not support hyperlinks in the comments. Instead, potential customers are left pursuing the internet in search of a viral product.

However, with the new partnership, Shopify merchants that participate in a pilot program can add a shopping tab to their profiles and product links within TikTok posts. The feature is expected to expand to all merchants in the fall.

TikTok is the latest to adopt social commerce — using social media to buy and sell products — joining Instagram and Facebook in giving influencers and creators the ability to make sales directly from the app.

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