Wayfair and Sally Beauty meet their customers where they are

NRF Retail Converge: Innovators from Wayfair and Sally Beauty on being one step ahead in AR and 3D

NRF Retail Converge brought together retail leaders from across the industry to discuss not just the latest consumer needs but also the technology and innovations those needs warrant. This past year was about meeting consumers where they were in the pandemic. Now, we take a step back to see how far we’ve come and how much farther we can go with an ever-changing commerce landscape.

“Engagement is the key thing you need to look at, especially with these new experiences that are not yet mass-market. Are users actually using this in the first place?”

Shrenik Sadalgi, Wayfair

COVID-19 brought about permanent change in every aspect of our lives. It pushed businesses without an online presence to make one. Likewise, online businesses were motivated to expand offerings, making it easier for purchasing during lockdowns. Most of those innovations are here to stay.

Armando Ortiz of IBM iX spoke with leaders from Sally Beauty and Wayfair to break down the realities of incorporating technologies like augmented reality and 3D applications into the customer experience. Sally Beauty launched a new digital screen kiosk in stores where people “try on” hair colors through selfies and share on social media. The Colorview program gives customers a way to see what products they like before purchasing and potentially returning.

Wayfair has always been known as a digital brand that is ahead of the curve in web development. So the unveiling of a new program, View Room in 3D, came as no surprise. The app lets shoppers test products before the hassle of unboxing and assembly.

As with all innovations, the question becomes: Are customers actually utilizing these features? Throughout the session, Wayfair and Sally Beauty demonstrated how crucial it is to track responsiveness from customers and when to pivot toward something new. Learn more about latest retail evolutions and how consumers are reacting at one of our next NRF events.

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