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DE&I as a state of success — not a checkbox
Mecca Mitchell at the 2024 NRF Foundation Honors.
Retail Gets Real episode 352: Burlington Store’s Mecca Mitchell on the power of leading with passion and authenticity.
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The think tank for retail industry talent leaders
Individuals networking.
Retail Gets Real Episode 351: Adam Lukoskie discusses talent acquisition trends and the growth of NRF’s TAG.
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Comfort, collaboration and imaginative innovation at Crocs
Retail Gets Real episode 350: CMO Heidi Cooley on the strategies behind Crocs’ emergence as a pop culture powerhouse.
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How Arc’teryx is reaching new heights while staying loyal to its core customers
Arc’teryx store exterior
Retail Gets Real episode 349: CEO Stuart Haselden talks about transformation, authenticity and leadership.
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How Ikea is leading the way on sustainability
Retail Gets Real episode 348: Ikea U.S. Country Sustainability Manager on the role of retail in the circular economy.
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Welcome to the real world of retail
Professionals working together.
Retail Gets Real episode 347: Allbirds’ Courtney Nash and Munchkin’s Eugene Choi on the early lessons they’ve learned.
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How Kendra Scott delivers on a ‘fashion-for-philanthropy’ vision
Kendra Scott store entrance.
Retail Gets Real episode 346: CEO Tom Nolan on authenticity and community involvement.
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A conversation with 2022 America’s Retail Champion Margaret Barrow
Margaret Barrow, founder and CEO of It's NOLA.
Retail Gets Real Episode 345: The founder and CEO of It’s NOLA talks about advocating for small businesses.
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The future of AI in consumer experience
Individuals using a phone to shop.
Retail Gets Real episode 344: IBM’s Jane Cheung shares consumer study insights and how retailers are using AI
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