Chain Restaurant CEO Summit Sponsorship

Get noticed by CEOs from the nation’s most popular chain restaurants. Executives will come together at this virtual event to discuss issues that affect their industry. Sign up today for the opportunity to reach this market and be an industry thought leader.

Event details


When: September 15, 2020, 1 - 3 p.m. ET |  Virtual Meeting

Attendees: CEOs of chain restaurant companies or presidents of individual brands operating under a corporate umbrella, plus one senior executive from each company or brand.

Expected attendance: 50


The CEO Virtual Policy Summit is an ongoing series dedicated to in-depth discussions of critical issues affecting the chain restaurant industry, the broader economy and, frequently, issues of national significance. Developed for CEOs, the series is high-level by nature and often includes prominent speakers from media, Congress and the administration. A portion of the agenda includes a CEO-only roundtable discussion in which partners are not present on the call.


Partner Cost & Benefits: 

  • $15,000 per partner  
  • Logo and/or company name recognition on invitations and event registration page
  • Listing on the NRF events calendar, which leads to the event registration page
  • Partners are given three minutes on the Summit agenda to provide an overview of their services and/or products and their relevance to chain restaurant companies
  • Partners may provide a gift, subject to NRF approval, to each Summit participant after the event, which NRF will send to each participant on the partner’s behalf; digital “gifts” such as gift certificates or donations-in-kind are preferred
  • Logo/company name in two post-event emails: 1.) Recap email sent by NRF to 200+ chain restaurant executives and 2.) Thank you email sent by NRF to event attendees
  • Logo and brand placement on registration and confirmation pages​​ for Zoom webinar
  • Logo on Zoom Webinar title slide during event

Interested in being a Chain Restaurant CEO Summit Sponsor? Contact Tami Sakell for pricing and more details.

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