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Consumer View

A quarterly look at what shapes retail today

Consumers’ choices in terms of where, how and why they buy are redefining retail and creating a new playbook for the industry. NRF’s Consumer View is a quarterly look at what shapes retail.

Investments that pay off

Click through the slideshow to learn about experiential retail, new gifting models and fulfillment strategies that were key players in the last year.


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Deal lovers

89 percent of shoppers today say they buy from discount retailers, and they come from every generation, income group and region of the country. They are not only used to buying items on sale, but they are also confident in their ability to always find a deal.

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Millennial parents

Are millennial parents different from parents of other generations? The Spring 2018 Consumer View report finds that millennial parents have a unique approach to shopping for themselves and their families.

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Innovations that engage

The Winter 2018 Consumer View examines consumer attitudes toward fulfillment and shipping, the importance of experience in retail and what types of innovations engage shoppers.

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Tech that transforms

Learn about shoppers’ experiences with technology, what brings millennials and Gen Z into the store and what differentiates the online and in-store shopper in the Fall 2017 Consumer View.

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The customer channel
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Physical retail remains an important touchpoint for consumers. Here's how retailers can win.
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Technology and the consumer
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What attracts customers today and what will shape the commerce of tomorrow in terms of retail tech.
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