Policy Committees - Dummy

This committee of Associate member companies from the venture capital community meets annually and via conference call to advise NRF on its innovation and tech community strategy and execution. They help enable the NRF to provide additional value to retailers, incubators, accelerators and the venture capital community.
This Task Force meets as needed to discuss matters pertaining to card acceptance and issues pertaining to retailer relationships with the credit and debit card associations and card acceptance networks. For more information on joining this task force, please contact Stephanie Martz.
The NRF Digital Advisory Board (invitation only) was formed to advise NRF on its digital strategy and execution to enable the NRF to provide holistic value to retailers, digital retailers and the companies that serve them.
The NRF Women Run Retail channel includes hundreds of members of the NRF Women in Retail IT Community (WIRIT) and NRF Women in LP Committee.
The IT Audit Council is comprised of senior IT auditors of NRF member companies. Members of this group meet annually to develop and exchange best practices around auditing IT systems in a retail environment.
This invitation-only Council is limited to the most senior legal officers of NRF’s retail membership. The committee meets in person twice each year and participates in conference calls as-needed to discuss changes in the law, litigation trends and to share personal experiences.
The Working Group addresses the rapidly spreading restrictions on the highly popular gift cards used by many retailers.
The NRF Health and Employee Benefits Committee consists of retail benefits executives managers and directors who provide technical input on a wide range of health, pension and other benefit issues.
ITAC members include senior retail sourcing, compliance, and government relations executives and general counsels responsible for international trade, customs, and international labor issues for their companies both on the legislative and regulatory fronts.
This Subcommittee of the ITAC provides guidance and technical expertise on trade issues that specifically affect retailers of consumer products other than textiles and apparel.